Blood tests and other diagnostics help your veterinarian determine the causes of illnesses accurately, safely, and quickly to monitor the progress of medical treatments and conditions.

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Rapid Diagnostics

Veterinarians use a wide variety of tools to diagnose disease, monitor disease progression or response to therapy, and to screen for underlying disease in seemingly healthy pets.

Diagnostics include everything from common blood and urine tests, to more complex diagnostic modalities including genetic analysis, bacterial/fungal cultures, histopathology, infectious disease testing, etc. At Paradise animal hospital many of these tests can be performed rapidly in-house to give you vital information about your pet in minutes.


Our Approach to Diagnostics

At Paradise Animal Hospital, your pet’s health and comfort are our priority. Whether your pet needs diagnostics for critical care or a routine visit, we are here to provide the care needed to keep your pet healthy. All diagnostic results are shared with you immediately for your records and peace of mind


At Paradise Animal Hospital, your pet’s comfort is our first priority, always.


We make sure you’re in the loop every step of the way.


We’ll happily share X-rays and testing with specialists or other providers involved in your pet’s care.

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